Doctor Strange and the Preceding Trailers

Yes, I appreciate “the preceding trailers” is an oxymoron. Don’t blame me, blame the language.


First of all, the trailers. The trailer for Fantastic Beasts looks like a hell of a lot of fun. It’s all the magic and fun of (early) Harry Potter, but without all those meddling kids. Also without the level of British acting chops the main series had, so we shall see.

The main things that struck me about the Rogue One trailer were the nostalgia combined with cool effects. Then I noticed the multicultural cast… who were supporting a feud between two white Europeans, but still. Also, I do hope the new tagline will be “A beautiful Englishwoman saves the galaxy… again!”

Also, Hollywood was really creeped out by Mads Mikkelsen’s turn as Hannibal Lecter, huh?

On to the film itself after the cut.

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