Writing Challenge Day 5

Day 5: Your character is getting ready in the morning. Write a scene of their morning (or even mid day) routine.

coffeeAs any sane person will tell you, coffee is the only way to start the day. I have one of those fancy coffee machines that take a sachet, some milk and water and makes glorious life-giving elixir while I’m in the shower. It has kept me from murdering my fellow commuters for almost five years now.

I usually set it to its good work and jump into a skin-boilingly hot shower. It works for waking you up and for burning off yesterday’s karma and bad vibes. That last is something a Brummie half-dwarf once told me. It might be total rubbish, but it definitely feels good.

After that, I sit my bare arse on one off the plastic stools in my little kitchenette and absorb my morning dose of caffeine. An ex once called it my “morning navel-gazing time”. Maybe she was right; maybe that’s why she’s an ex.

The last thing I do before I start work (if I have any) is take a leisurely five-minute walk to my favourite greasy spoon where Abby serves my full English. Anyone who doesn’t start the day with coffee and bacon is doing life wrong.








My typical outfit is made up of two kinds of items; black and faded black. I’m not a Goth exactly, I just like black. Generally, I’m wearing a t-shirt, combats and an overcoat I bought back when The Matrix was still big. Heavy DMs stop me from getting bruised toes on the bus into town. That’s where most of the business is, or where most business sends me.


((I found this one a bit difficult. I hope you like it, and all feedback is welcome!))


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