Transitions by D.A. Lascelles




Transitions is just your average boy-meets-girl-meets-Roman tale of romance. It opens with a Roman looking for a cave on a early-century British beach looking for a cave, followed quickly by our introductions to two slightly socially awkward leads.

I don’t want to go too much more into the plot, as this isn’t a long story. Perhaps my biggest criticism of this story is that I would have liked to have spent more time with the main characters – perhaps seeing them more in their element before the thing that usually hits the fan inevitably does so. So much we are told, whereas a couple of extra chapters would have allowed us to see the characters in action a little more as themselves.

All that having been said, Transitions is a  great story full of mystery, realistic characters and a story that really sneaks up on you. I would certainly recommend this book for fans of romance, fantasy, history, or just ‘weird stories’. Hopefully we’ll see much more from this author in the future!


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