On Writing and On “On Writing”


I’ve been reading Stephen King’s On Writing and really trying to find a direction for my novel, which had been having a worse existential crisis than a middle-aged man with a new Porche. So I picked up a copy of King’s advice on the subject. Beyond the fascinating and sometimes heartbreaking insight into the author’s life and how they fed into his work, I also found some extremely sound advice on getting my own work moving again. I’m hesitant to repeat the advice, as it’s so elegantly and succinctly put by King himself, but I would say that if you’re struggling to find you’re writing groove, it’s definitely the book you should pick up.

With that in mind, and as previously mentioned, I gained a new determination to complete my own book (working title Laura).

At time of writing, I have forty thousand words in the manuscript itself and a few thousand in broken pieces elsewhere. I think I’ve finally found a direction, a theme and a point to Laura, but it will take a not insignificant rewrite. With that in mind, I’ve downloaded some writing software (yWriter5) which I’m mainly using to track my daily word count, organise my thoughts and generally keep things organised. On Mr. King’s advice, I set myself a daily word count of a thousand words to be completed in a month. That’ll be thirty thousand in total. If needs be, I’ll do the same next month. After that, I should have enough material to construct a coherent final narrative for Laura. After that, the editing process begins. I know what needs to be done on the narrative level. Honestly, I’m just focussing on that as a target at this stage. Wish me luck.



5 thoughts on “On Writing and On “On Writing”

  1. Break a leg! I am sure you’ll get there, you have so much done already. I read that book and liked it, but I can’t find it anywhere! I don’t remember giving it away… oh well :).

  2. I would also recommend Margaret Atwood’s, “In Other Worlds.” It’s not as long as Stephen King’s “On Writing” which I also read…and loved, but it does offer some pretty interesting insight. Especially coming from a female writer as powerful as Atwood.

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