A List

– My students love me and think I’m a great teacher
– I have a date on Saturday
– I have lots of awesome friends in Mexico
– I`ll be spending the holiday season with my family
– I’m losing weight
– I’ve more or less finished my DELTA application
– I have my health in so much as my enjoyment of food allows
– I love Mexico.

I’m listing all these good things because today I had my laptop stolen today and I’m furious about it. I trusted the wrong guy at the computer marked, got shilled and conned and now I am thoroughly sans laptop.

Fiduciarily*, I’m okay. I cam certainly afford to replace it and still eat all month. Om pissed because it happened and because I should’ve fucking well known better.

So, yes. Today I have my angry face on. Thank you to friends who offered sympathy. It’s much appreciated.

*word used rather than “financially” because unless you’re singing along to Mary Poppins, you don’t get much chance to. And it’s a good word.

Addendum: since posting the above, I have bought a cool little Android tablet. Something else for the `win` team.


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