30 Days Challenge: Day 22: Your nicknames & why you have them

Hm. All the nicknames I have are either chosen by me for the Internet (Kosmopolite or Hermes) or extensions of my real name (I’m Andrew Dainty. I’m often Andy, Dainty or Big D. I think they’re fairly straightforward). So this may not be one of my most interesting posts.

I chose “Hermes” in my mid-teens to name a vampire character I used in what would ultimately become my first attempts at writing. Of course, what wasn’t isolationist, emo, Ricean nonsense was “Marty Stu” wish-fulfilment. Nonetheless, that’s where it comes from.

Back then, I saw the character as a traveller who was amongst all kinds of different people – out in the world having adventures and being charming in a dozen different clauses. Little did I know that that would become my life plan some ten years later.

Just hanging out, bein’ all naked and godly and whatnot.

Hermes, the original, was a god of travellers, thieves, magic, knowledge and trade. He was a god of all the normal, sometimes crappy people. He was a god who represented everyone. Even weirdos like me. He’s a mythological figure I can still identify with, and I’ve chosen to take him on as my patron god in my fledgling steps into paganism.

I’d like to talk about my paganism and the revelations I’m coming to some more, but it’s been written far more eloquently elsewhere, and I’m still working on if and how it can be integrated into my very atheistic belief system. I do think it has some tools I can use to help me with my lows. It also has dragons and unicorns. It’s a religion very much based on “Your Mileage May Vary. If you want to learn some more, I can recommend The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Paganism as a place to start.

Anyway, yeah. I’ll work harder on tomorrow’s post. 🙂


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