30 Days Challengs: Day 14: Something you love about yourself

So, yeah, I skipped over the “hate” one. It just didn’t seem like a productive or helpful thing for me to do.

This, on the other hand, is a decent CBT exercise. And to be honest, it’s a thing that’s never changed about me. I like that I’m a friendly person – that I have the instinct to stop and help someone because they have a lost expression on their face, and that it’s easy for me to just say “hello” to someone new and start a conversation.

I’m aware that when I’m interested in someone, this vivaciousness mixed with my terminal honesty can come off as creepy. That’s a shame, but to be honest, for all the people I’m sure I’ve creeped out over the years, I’ve developed some wonderful friendships. I’ve helped people, been helped in return and had some great times.

So, yeah. I love that I’m so damn friendly. 😀

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