30 Days Challenge: Music Make up: Accents

Points if you get the reference.

I owe you a music post due to my cop-out yesterday. The following paragraph will be nothing to do with music, then we’ll get back onto it. Promise.

One thing that really attracts me to a person is an atypical way of speaking. In the past, this has ranged an utterly enthralling Belarusian accent to opinions about life, relationships and food that I’d never encountered before. Accents in particular, though, I have a real yen for. I love to listen to a new, interesting or plain edible accent.

And thus we come back to music. I’m going to list a number of songs I have or have had on playlists purely for the accent for the main singer.

1) Jolene in two parts:

Sophie’s beautifully plummy syllables seem to consume this song with such relish, comparable to Dolly’s clear, Southern twang. I  love to hear these two versions back-to-back. Just like…

2) Fuck You Twice!

Just like the original wouldn’t be the same without Cee-Lo’s unique voice, Eliza adds a certain Britishness that transcends her accent. “I really hate your arse right now” seems so matter-of-fact, pessimistic and British beyond changing “ass” to “arse”. I love the video, too. It seems like she’s controlled by two Jim Henson puppeteers who just had a fight. The two backing singers are absurdly excitable, too.

3) Paloma Faith is weird.

Somehow every word Paloma utters seems to be different to how anyone else might say it. I find her wonderful to listen to, even if I only enjoy a few of her songs.

4) My Imagination?

Heard this on a bus between Celaya and Ciudad de México and enjoyed it. Found out the band was famous later:

5) Shut up. I realise it’s a joke-track, but it makes me smile.

6) Antonio Banderas singing angrily in his accent. ‘Nuff said.

Go on then, have another since you asked nicely:

I’m sure there’re more, but that’ll do you for now. Enjoy!


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