30 Days Challenge: Day 11: A letter to one of your exes

Dear JRP,

We haven’t spoken for a while. I think you’ve blocked me in most ways we might communicate. I think it’s because of something I did after we broke up. Whatever, that’s not what this letter’s about.

I just wanted to say that what happened between us hurt me a lot. You went from thinking I was amazing to barely tolerating my presence in the space of four months. Just as the first helped my confidence massively, the second knocked me down. I think that’s why I was sent reeling and rebounding right after.

I am sorry things didn’t work out, because I thought you were pretty amazing too. Still, you’ve taught me a lesson about going too fast and mistaking ‘new relationship energy’ for ‘forever’. I couldn’t go back, since I think we’ve both seen sides of each other we’d rather we hadn’t. Nonetheless, I’d still like to be your friend. Drop me a line sometime.



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