30 Days Challenge: Day 3: About your friends

Okay, shut up. I missed a day. You know what? I left my room at 6am yesterday and didn’t return until 9pm. So 😛

Anyway, this “day” is an interesting one, most of the friends I can really count on when I need them are women I used to date. They knew me, or rather older versions of me, better than anyone else, so I always think it’s a shame to throw that away completely. Occasionally those ladies don’t share my opinion. But there you go.

Beyond that are friends in whose ‘friendzones’ I lived in for a while or people who tolerated me through phases where I was much less appealing individual.

Regarding friendzones and exes, I’m not nearly drunk enough to go into detail, so you’ll have to take these summaries and elisions as they are, and buy me a drink at a later date. 😛

My second girlfriend, who I dated for 6 years back when I was young, pretentious and massively fat, is Sarah. I think I’ve changed to the point where we don’t really work as friends any more, but I think we maintain the friendship out of habit, and she’s always there if I want someone to talk to. These days I never have drama that falls into her areas of expertise. Nonetheless, it’s good to know she’s there to remind me where I come from and when I’ve moved too far from centre.

I have a group of male friends including another Andy, Dom, Ken, Kev and others. I met them in a Doctor Who fangroup in Preston, Lancashire that met in person rather than online. They’re all men 10 or more years older than I am, and who I fell in with at first out of shared interest and an openness I’d never seen in people so much older than I am.

Ems is one of my closest friends. I met her through roller derby (Rainy City Roller Girls), and despite her angry Viking ways, when I’m depressed she always knows whether I need sympathy or snapping out of it. As previously discussed, this is an awesome thing to have in a friend for me. Ems is easy to believe in and rely on, and is worth ten lesser friends.

And this week I’ve made lots of lovely new friends, too! I won’t list them all – partly because they’re numerous and partly because I’ve almost met the entire population of this city in the week and a half I’ve been here. That said, roller girls (at present the Mexico City Roller Girls) and randomly travelling teachers* are the friendliest people you’d ever hope to meet. More often than not. 😀

Okay, okay, I’ll try to get “day 4” up before midnight, so I’m up to date. God, imaginary reader, you’re such a whiner!



*In my experience, teachers tend to be the horniest people on the planet, too. That is, however, completely besides the point.

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