30 Day Challange: Day 2: The meaning behind your name

I’m guessing this is the meaning of my screen name “Kosmopolite”. Well:

An early incarnation of this sentiment can be found in Diogenes of Sinope (c. 412 B.C.), the founding father of the Cynic movement in Ancient Greece. Of Diogenes it is said: “Asked where he came from, he answered: ‘I am a citizen of the world (kosmopolitês)'”. -Wikipedia

I find patriotism a rather silly idea. It’s not like you can choose where you were born, nor what that represents on an international scale. You can just be you and hope your circumstances don’t stop you from doing that. Luckily, mine didn’t and if anything, I’ve come out of it seeming far more British than I thought I was.

As a caveat to that point: My real name is Andy Dainty. Yes, Dainty. Let me refer you back to the picture I posted yesterday:


I’m the two or three people in one set of clothes on the far right.

As you can see, ‘dainty’ was not necessarily the most appropriate adjective for me in my plus-sized school uniform and industrially-reinforced lunch box. I can remember vividly the first time someone looked it up in a dictionary. I think someone in Saxon England had either a grudge or a shitty sense of humour.

Okay, I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

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