My Writing So Far

I started this blog because my other writer friends seem to find these a superior platform for the medium. I haven’t been convinced into it, but since I seem to use my main Tumblr blog entirely for following fandoms, I thought it would be nice to have a place completely distinct to post writing and writing discussions.

Anyway, I thought I’d start out talking about where I’m at with my writing at the moment. I started out with a plan to write 500 words per day on anything. That included articles on Tumblr, short stories and my novel. I managed to keep that up for a while, but found work, my relationship and other excuses getting in the way. Anyway, I’ve found that when I do write, my focus has been more and more on my novel. Around a quarter of the way into the novel, I found myself floundering. Rather than give up, which I was sorely tempted to do, I decided to give the Snowflake Method a try (I recommend it).


Okay, so below is a list of things I’ve achieved with my writing this year:

  • 5.2 thousand words of ordered plans for the novel.
  • 22.3 thousand words of unplanned manuscript (which is now being edited into my final manuscript as per my plan).
  • 11 thousands words of the final manuscript.
  • COMPLETED a short story, which is receiving decent reviews on a writer’s website (
  • One comic book review linked on the official Facebook pages of the comic’s publishers.
  • A number of notes, incomplete stories and ideas which I can utilise in the future when my focus is not so totally on my novel.
  • A number of non-fiction blogs HERE which I used to hone my writing and practice my reviewing skills.

Things I would like to do by the end of the year:

  • Finish the first draft of my novel1.
  • Edit the short story2 and begin to send it to publishers/agents.
  • Finish at least one other short story from start to finish.
  • Begin serious work on editing my novel and exchanging proof-reading services for sexual favours or Mexican souvenirs.

That’s where I am with my writing. I really want to take this seriously, and a lot of my self-esteem is wrapped up in my writing, so I really hope that I can turn it into something real.

As always comments, advice and affirmations are more than welcome.

1I keep calling it my novel because the working title is simply the name of the main character: “Laura”.
2“Margaret”. I’m not good at names.


5 thoughts on “My Writing So Far

  1. well done on your achievements so far. Although I am a keen writer I am finding inspiration somewhat difficult to find at the minute. I hope I find some soon.

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